[Journal Entry 025]

[A few dots on the page that look like a pen tapped the page over and over, the writing starts a couple lines down]

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posted 2 years ago

[Journal Entry 024]

Kind of lost track of the days, to be honest…

Late afternoon?

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posted 2 years ago

Finding Santana Lopez || Group


  • Title: Finding Santana
  • Tagging: Santana Lopez, Blaine Anderson, Rachel Berry, Kurt Hummel, Quinn Fabray, Noah Puckerman
  • Location: Outside camp
  • Time: May 3rd, 2012
  • Notes: Blaine brings home another stray; this time in the shape of a very familiar face.

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Yeah. I guess that makes sense. My life was probably just a bit too structured before the apocalypse. Being a professional cheerleader isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. [She shakes her head] No, defintely not. You have to eat what they tell you to eat, sleep when they tell you to sleep, do what they tell you to do. It could be exhausting. [She sighs, looking back down at the ground.] That life is over now, though.

[She turns her head and looks at Blaine, realizing that was the first time she’d spoken of her past in six months. It was.. Unnerving.] I-I should go. [She stands up, looking away.] Ask around about that hook will ya? [She doesn’t leave time for him to answer as she walks over quickly and climbs the tree she had been in.]

[Before he has much chance to reply to anything, Santana’s all but completely gone. When he spoke, his words left his mouth to fall on dead air and he knew it; his hand waved in front of himself vaguely as he watched her walk away and back up the tree she’d been in. He looks up to where she is for a few moments before sighing and returning his attention to the sky above.]

To each their own, San


I never thought she was good people before, I’m not going to start thinking it now.

[She leans back on her hands, staring up at the sky again, happy it was clouded out by the branches of the trees.] Who’s on watch, anyways? I’m not used to all this responsibility and crap, watching schedules and not getting to sleep whenever I want.

I won’t try to ‘sell’ her to you [laughs humorlessly], but she’s really not bad…though, I am a bit biased seeing as she’s one of my best friends…she’s part of the only family I’ve got left, sappy as I’m sure you think that sounds…

[huffs and shrugs, leaning back against the tree and looking up towards the sky like she is] I..’m not really sure..sometimes people take watch together or switch or..who knows, so it’s hard to keep track of an exact schedule. It just tends to work itself out. [pauses, sighing contentedly] I don’t really mind having a kind of routine…it’s almost..familiar..[trails off, staying quiet as he just gazes up at the slivers of actual sky he can see through the branches of trees]



[She rolls her eyes.] It’s not that I don’t think she’s doing a “good job”.. I’m really not paying much mind to the quality of the things she’s doing, rather the fact that she’s doing them. I mean, who the hell decided to put her in charge? You?

No, I got here after she was already kind of the ‘leader’, so to speak. She’s Rachel Berry, Santana, she obviously fell into the role [laughs a little]. Someone has to be a bit more stable to keep everyone from going completely nuts.

[Pauses, shrugging a bit, looking down at his hands in his lap before back up to Santana] Someone had to take the lead, I guess, and she just…took that on. You should give her more of a chance, she’s good people, San…and we’ve all changed a lot since high school, hell, since all…this started.



[Santana laughs, nodding.] I know what you mean. If I could find a casket to rest in, just for a day, I’d take it. It’s dark, no one would look there, I could sleep and get my head together. It’d be perfect! It’s amazing the things that used to give me the heeby-jeebies are things I wish I had now. [She sighs and jokingly stares off all dream-like.] Like a bazooka. Or night vision goggles. Hell, I’d even settle for Google Maps.

[She sighs and rolls her eyes.] Yeah, a lot of good that does me. Knowing my luck, the only person who would have it would be Berry. And no thanks, but I’d rather not ask her any more favors. She feels entitled enough.

[nods along with her as she speaks, laughing a bit here and there] I totally know what you mean…a coffin sounds..a bit..well, morbid, but hey, a lot of the world we live in now is kind of a lot morbid. I’ve started realizing all the random things I took for granted..I miss things I never thought I’d have to, you know? 

[pauses and furrows his brow, shaking his head]

Rachel’s really doing a good job holding this group together, Santana. I haven’t…been here as long as others, but she’s one of my best friends and she’s definitely doing the best she can..going above and beyond for everyone here. I-I’m sure you could talk to her if you wanted to…she’s not as bad as you think…really…


Really? Despite the fact that it’s bulky and top heavy and you have, like, zero arm strength? [She raises an eyebrow in confusion, seriously unsure as to why in the world he would choose a shovel] Whatever. Who knows, it might work out. I mean, you are short enough you could just dig yourself a hole to hide in. Then you’d be all set!

Anyways, yes. A question. Really, more of a request. [She purses her lips, wondering how to play this.] Well, in all honesty, or as much as I can manage, I need a hook. A metal one preferably. Anyone in this camp slash pathetic entourage have something that could help me out?

[sighs, rolling his eyes a little] Well, Santana, I actually do have plenty of upper arm strength and I grabbed the shovel because it was the most useful thing around me when I was on the run from some Looters [he’s a bit agitated and raises an eyebrow and relaxes after a moment, laughing a bit] Might not be a terrible idea….hiding in a hole sounds pretty damn appealing sometimes… 

[looks a bit confused by her question, running through their collective inventory, or what he knows of it, quickly in his mind before shrugging] Sorry, Santana, I’m not really sure…you could try asking some of the others. We pick up a lot of stuff, I don’t think it’d be out of question for someone to have what you’re looking for.



I had a question.

[Santana walks over, before falling to sit at his side. She curls her dark jean-clad legs underneath her body, leaning on her arm to face him. She glances in interest at his shovel.]

And another one, now. Is that your weapon of choice?

A question? [He watches her, expression a bit confused, as his eyes follow her while she moves to sit down. He huffs a soft laugh at her second question, looking at his shovel and letting it go to just sit at his side, nodding his head as helooks back at her]

Yeah, that’s my ‘weapon of choice’ [pauses, smiling faintly] I-what was your other question?


[Santana was left to watch the sky, watch it like she hadn’t ever before. When she was younger she never felt a need to look at the stars. As she got older she was much too busy. And older yet, staring at the sky was just unsafe. She had to be constantly aware of her surroundings. But now she sat in the tree that she would be sleeping in tonight, and realized with the others on watch, she had every opportunity to sit and look up at what was in the sky. And for some reason it was too much. That was what made her look away and down at the campground, where she saw Blaine.]

[With a throw of her arm, she sent herself over the edge of the limb, her boots landing heavily next to the boy.]

What’s up, Superman?

[Jumps a little at the sudden sound of someone hitting the ground next to him. His eyes look over quickly and he grips the handle of his shovel reflexively, loosening his grip once he pans up to see Santana standing there]

Santana [shakes his head, sighing]..Wh-What’re you doing here?